Did Apex Legends just beat Fortnite?

Within its first launch week, Apex Legends has received over 25 million downloads worldwide. That’s a whole new record, formerly held by Fornite with 10 million downloads within two weeks after release in 2017.

We almost praised Apex Legends in our review, so its no wonder why the game “hits the mark” with most people. EA hasn’t responded to CNBC’s questions regarding if they have paid Twitch streamers with millions of followers to play their game, such as Blevins who has 13 million subscribers, but we can for sure say that this type of marketing on this type genre really did the trick.

I think ‘Apex’ has caught everybody by storm. They did a phenomenal job of getting the influencers to play it first, feeding the market on Twitch and then watching everybody starting to play the game, and the game is good”

Andy Miller, CEO of NRG Esports

Not only have Apex Legends surpassed Fornite with downloads, recent numbers also show that Apex also has surpassed Fortnite in terms of the number of hours of streamed gameplay in a day! Fornite had the record (20, July 2018) with 6.6 million hours on Twitch, Apex, however, now has 8.28 million hours!

Source: CNBC & Twitch



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