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Jump Force – Review

Publisher: Bandai Namco
Released: 15.02.2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

Jump Force was doomed to fail from the start, with all the hype revolving around it there was no way it could live up to other fighting titles on the market especially with a developer like Spike Chunsoft overseeing it, however, I started up the game with optimism and a smile, and to my dismay, the only thing I enjoyed in this game was the fighting which is really not what fills most of the game surprisingly enough.

Also a side note I used a controller to play this since it is a fighting game.


Now the story of Jump Force is not something you would expect to take up most of the game right? You would expect them to just make a big brawler game with mixed characters without making a trivial and boring story that doesn’t make sense? Well, you were as wrong as I was, pal!
The story is trivial, boring, and makes literally no sense,
The shonen universes are crossing over due to unknown circumstances, heroes from each universe come together to make the Jump Force, you join with your custom character to help familiar characters fight the enemy which is corrupting these worlds and make everything go back to normal.

Why do we need stories like this? Just give me a good fighting game.

Nonetheless, the story is pretty boring and really not something that would motivate anyone to be invested, I don’t care about the characters cause they are all so one-dimensional in this game compared to what they are in their own worlds, the facial animations don’t make it better at all because they can’t express anything (ll get to that later in graphics).

If the characters actually had some kind of development in the story and stuff happened to them like, oh I don’t know, “a good story or arc” then maybe you would care more, but no, this is trivial BS and stuff happens just because it happens, somehow your character is immune to being controlled by this “Cube” stuff which is corrupting a bunch of main characters you have to fight and then make them join the Jump Force. It is so uninspired, boring, and trivial.

Jump Force1


Now the graphics are a whole other level, a lot of stuff like particle effects and “some” characters look amazing, however, adding Dragon Ball characters into a hyper-realistic environment without altering their appearance makes them look like stiff play-doh figures, the characters barely have any facial animations and it makes Mass Effect: Andromeda look like it was developed by Quantic Dream, this luckily only goes for the cutscenes and story-based stuff, because the battles look awesome when it comes to general animation, and that is sadly the only redeeming factor about the graphics, when you run with your custom character or do basic movement in the main hub, it looks like he ate at Taco Bell right before going there and now he can’t find the closest restroom, how does a game that was hyped up to this extent feel like it is rushed out the door without any kind of quality assurance?

The most pleasing to the eye is definitely the fighting graphics, it looks so beautiful with the shading, environment details, and overall particle effects when you use special abilities, using iconic moves like the Kamehameha, or Rasengan, really looks and feels satisfying
Graphics are not the worst but they could certainly use a little more tweaking and care.



The gameplay is really satisfying, this is the only redeeming factor of Jump Force most of the characters play exactly as you expect, and if you in general watch shonen anime you will love how they are designed when it comes to abilities and combat.

My favorite thing and the best part about Jump Force was definitely playing as JoJo and all using all his iconic over the top moves from the anime itself, just hearing him yell “Star Platinum!” after I use his awaken ability was definitely goosebumps worthy.

Some characters also do not play as you expect, remember Yu-Gi-Oh!? Yeah, Yugi Moto is also in there, but how the hell would they make him viable in a fighting game? Simple solution, just make him use shadow realm techniques and use Dark Magician, and Dark Magician Girl as ability and combat solutions (he can also use slither as his ultimate ability) I think it’s pretty damn rad!

They could’ve made the mechanics of the gameplay a bit more refined but overall not much to say about the gameplay, it works, it is not refined or perfect, but it works.



Controls are your pretty standard fighting controls, it follows the 3D fighting game style controls, which also has a mix of Dragon Ball Xenoverse controls in them!

You got a light attack, heavy attack, and then you have blocks and attacks going for aerial or down smashes depending on how you tilt your joystick.

It is pretty solid, however it could have been refined much better, you got a stamina meter that ONLY shows when you use stamina, which makes it hard to track and conserve when you need to, it makes it not only frustrating when you aren’t able to get out of a heavy damaging combo because you lack the stamina, but it also makes it really demotivating to continue playing.

You also have your awaken ability (ultimate) and awaken state, awaken state can be activated by pressing down on the right stick

j force 4

Replay Value

Besides being a fighting game, the only replay value this would have would be playing online, but since the online part is “working” as usual Bandai Namco published titles, there’s not much to celebrate here. It can be replayed a lot but that depends on if they are gonna fix the games glaring issues.

jforce 3

You can check out our review policy right here, if you wonder how we set our scores.



  • Story 2
  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 6
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


Jump Force is a mixed bag, if you enjoy intense 3D fighting games this one is definitely for you. However, the game has such glaring issues that we would recommend waiting at least for a sale or try it out first via either a friend you know or through other means.All in all, it’s really subjective



  • Battles feel intense and amazing
  • Iconic characters are respective to their original franchises


  • Graphics don’t work with most of the cast and feels quite unpolished
  • Overall game feels rushed
  • The story is the weakest one in a fighting game yet

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