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HjemConsProject Cars 2 @ Gamescom2017

Project Cars 2 @ Gamescom2017

Project Cars 2 will arrive in just some weeks, and during Gamescom they have made some promises to us. They said they would improve on stuff that the community has given feedback on. And also things they didn’t have time to do when developing Project Cars, has now been implemented in the game.

Selection of cars will be bigger and better, and more varied to give the players different types of races to be in. And more race modes to give a variation and to give new tracks with different surfaces to really test your skills in high speeds.

We got a chance to try it on the showfloor on Gamescom  as well.

We could choose between three tracks with a different car on each Ferrari 458, Porsche GT3RS and a Prototype Race car. What I could feel right away when driving, was that the steering is much easier now with a controller. In the first Project Cars driving with a controller could be a real struggle. The cars got really twitchy when steering to much and then to counter it. So you had to use a lot of time to tweak the settings to make it better. I wished that we would get a chance to test the new Rallycross mode but unfortunately not. But if things is headed like they have promised and by the small tweaks that we got shown it looks promising.

Set to release 22, September 2017


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