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GC18 – Resident Evil 2 – Hands On

Capcom gave us a surprise during E3, when announcing a remake of the beloved Resident Evil 2. Thanks to Capcom I got the chance to try it out at Gamescombehind closed doors.

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to try out the original when released on PlayStation 1 in 1998, since I only was three years old at that time. But I have experienced the series later, but it kinda felt a bit outdated. So I’m one that feels that remakes of classics is perfect so we can experience them with today’s standards.

We got the chance to play as Claire Redfield, as she is trying to escape Raccoon City. I started in a location that looked like a factory of some sort, as said never played before so I’m not as familiar with the locations. But I’ve done some research and looked at gameplay of the original, so I’ve had something to compare it too.

She is checking out the place, and after a while finds a little girl. But before they have the chance to talk, they are being attacked by this big human monster, that has been changed by the T-Virus. We then have to find a way to get rid if it, and save the girl.

What I noticed right at the beginning is the view and how it changes the gameplay. Original Resident Evil has been played with a static camera, that controlled what you see or rather couldn’t see. It’s now changed to over the shoulder view, that changes the gameplay. Its looks more action orientated then before, but it keeps the horror the originals where known for.

The feeling being trapped in this factory, with that huge monster hunting me down was really terrifying. Never know what will meet me behind each corner, or where the sound came from. You never get told where you have to attack to damage, so I had to get really close and personal with him. The game controlled great, and many of the features from the original are still there only updated. Since there isn’t much help to get from the game, the was some difficulty to complete. I died many times, so many in fact that I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to complete the demo. After some try and error, I finally managed to beat him.

It was a great experience, and I think this is a great chance for people like me to finally try out this classic. It’s claustrophobic and delivers some scary moments, at least during this hands on. I’m excited to see how this game will be when launching 25th January, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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