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GC18 – Devil May Cry 5 – Hands On

Devil May Cry soon returns with our favorite demon slayers, in a much anticipated sequel to Devil May Cry 4. I was really pleased, having the chance to try out Devil May Cry 5 during Gamescom.

In the demo we played as Nero, who was the main protagonist in DMC4. It’s set several years after DMC4, and right after the events of DMC2. Nero has started his own demon slayer agency also named Devil May Cry. During the demo we played as Nero, as he is checking on demon activities. The biggest change with Nero is his new robotic arm named Devil Breaker, that replaced Devil Bringer. It contains many of the same features, but also some new that changes the gameplay.

Gameplay felt much more fluent then before, running in 60 fps with beautiful graphics. It uses the same controls that are used in previous installments, so it quickly felt familiar how to play if you are familiar with the series. The robotic arm gave many possibilities how to extend your combos and made combat interesting. During the 15 minute demos, we got to some exploration, but also a boss fight. A huge demon named Goliath, that wants to take over the Underworld. 

Controls were tight and precise, and the graphics are really an upgrade to what we are used too. So if you are looking forward to play more Devil May Cry I think I can say that you don’t have to worry about the finished product set for release 8th March, 2019.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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