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Planet Coaster – Review

Name: Planet Coaster
Developer: Frontier Developments, Andrew Fletcher
Publisher: Frontier Developments
Release date: 17, November 2016
Platform: PC
Reviewed on: PC


Rollercoaster lives on!

The series are not quite dead yet, Frontier delivers us yet another theme park simulator. And this time it’s called “Planet Coaster”.
Planet Coaster has been available for a long time as an early access on Steam, but now the game has fully released.


If you love games that brings your creativity ahead, managing your parks economics and so on, then this series is for you. But does Planet Coaster deliver the aspects of an good theme park simulation game?



Back to the game “Theme Park” before Rollercoaster 1 and 2, there were utterly few things to do to make this series better, as the aspect of more focus on roller coasters came. Later on in Rollercoaster 3, did we get introduced to the more action-packed game. Riding the rides you had build, added more things to use for your creativity, and even better graphics helped with the series. And now we got Planet Coaster, sadly the series has not moved a lot forward.


Gameplay, Graphics and Audio

Planet Coaster does deliver all the basic when it comes to gameplay. You lay down paths, construct different rides either custom build or pre made, tracing queue lines, building souvenir shops, burger shops, drink stands and so on. Including this you have to make sure that your visitors has enough toilets to use, enough bins, hiring mechanics and janitors etc. There a lot of factors to think of to keep your guests happy including making money, so you can build that awesome ride you want.

It’s easier than before to build rides, the tools are top-notch and very easy to use, click and drag for the most part. The tool system and decorating is where Planet Coaster shines the most.
Every ride or decoration has its own theme. You can choose from different themes like Wild Western, scary, sci-fi and more. The best part with this is the new part added to the game, making your own “blueprints”. If there is something you are missing in the game, for instance wooden cross to symbolize a tomsgrave, than you can make it. I used two blank windows in different positions so it looks like a cross and then saved it. Easy to bring back for later use. You can also download different blueprints made by other players by using Steam’s workshop as well.  


But Planet Coaster does not come without it’s flaws, the game comes with three different ways to play. First off is challenge mode, here you are given a plot of land and a starting budget to build the best theme park as you can as well as completing a few objectives. Second is career mode, you will take over a half made park, meeting the conditions as bad economics, unhappy guest and so on. Building up your skills and level as you progress. And finally the last mode to play are sandbox mode, unlimited money, no problems, simply just let your creativity loose.


Career mode can be fun for a short time, but every objective you must fulfill to complete each mission is way to simple and not challenging. Gain x guests, build x rides, hire x people, gain x money etc. The only reason i’ve played career mode was to get ideas for my sandbox save.

Sandbox mode is where all the fun was for me, letting my creativity loose and builded my own theme park after my choosing.

Stunning cartoon graphics, overall superb happy atmosphere music in the menu and theme park audio.


The Verdict

Planet Coaster does deliver you an excellent theme park simulation game if you are looking for letting loose your creativity, business perspective not so much. Career mode will just let you want more even though you are finished with your mission. Sandbox mode is the place to play here, and a more fully package is hard to find somewhere else.


It’s joyful to create rides and share it to people, and even more joyful to see what other people have made. For instance I downloaded a Harry Potter theme park from Steam Workshop, and voila I’ve got a detailed Hogwarts in front of me with rides.


+ Tools / Build system
+ Fun to play in Sandbox mode
+ Scenery / Themes
– Career mode
– Missing a few classic attractions and rides
– User interface could have been simplierer


Kim Haug
Kim Haug
Eier og daglig leder av Ulvespill Interessen min for spill er så stor at jeg bestemte meg for å starte opp egen spillnettside, why not? Har skrevet spillnyheter og anmeldelser siden 2011

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