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Destiny 2 – Review in progress

Name: Destiny 2

Developer:  Bungie

Publisher: Activision

Released: 05.09.17

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

Reviewed on: PlayStation 4


Finally it is here after countless patrol mission I could now finally take my guardian and ghost on a new adventure. My trusted hunter would now embark on a new adventure after years of patrolling space. And what had Bungie instore for me?  Let me just say I was not disappointed!!



The graphics in Destiny was very good and Destiny 2 does not disappoint. The differences in the environment on each planet is unique and gives so much to the game, you now want to explore the world even further than in the previous game. The texture of the characters have also gotten a boost, and looks more even. Although the game only runs on 30fps this doesn’t ruin the experience.



The story in this game is far better than it was in Destiny, the plot and the characters have more depth and you get drawn in quicker. You start with the destruction of the tower by the Red Legion of the Cabal, your guardian comes back to find chaos and ruin as the city is demolished.


You have to fight your way through Cabal to get to the leader of the Red Legion Dominus Ghaul, meeting the three guardians of the vanguard on your way too him. As I said the story seems more connected in Destiny 2 than in its predecessor. Conversations with  AI’s is much better and plays a big role and of course that the red line of the story is more easy to follow and that the bad guy have more of an reason to be after the traveler.



We now have a name and a face to the enemy than just “The Darkness” Throughout the story you get to explore new planets which is more diverse. The planets all have different environment that gives different challenges as too how to move around or the enemies you meet on them. I really like the planet called Titan which is a water planet, and the fighting is on a rig out in the stormy seas. Here you must watch out for sliding objects and not fall in the water. You’ll have to be careful while jumping platform to platform, because the enemy will not leave you alone. And then you can be in the forest of earth, more accurate in the European Dead Zone. Where fallen buildings and forest mash together to make a beautiful post apocalyptic stage infused with a hint of enchanted forest to make a scenery like no other.



The game starts off with a blast, this works for both new and old Destiny players. The tutorial is good as it gives new players a feel too how to handle weapons with not too many enemies, but just the right amount so it is challenging enough. With this in mind you can see that they have taken feedback from Destiny, in this game you are more free to explore and  every action you do in the game makes more sense for the whole picture in the end.


The classes are the same where you can choose to be a Titan, Hunter or a Warlock.

You can customize your character to be male/female and choose between the same races which is Human, Awoken or Exo.

One thing I would want is more access to customize your character, so it would feel more of your own and not just looking like everybody else. There is a lack of customization options when creating your character.  

Even if the character customization did not improve one thing did, and this goes on the armor of your character, the shader system in Destiny was okey they were expensive to buy and was applied to the whole armour,  now you get them in loot in the new bright engram and you apply them to one piece of armour so you can mix and match them as you wish. But in this version you only get limited with each colour, that can be frustrating when you found something you like.They also get used up as you apply them to a piece of armour so you have to think about your amount as you apply them if you want to have the armour in the same shader.



Beside choosing this they have also made a few new subclasses for each class, subclasses is an experience tree with special attacks which is different for each class you choose. (Hunter, Titan and Warlock)

As in Destiny the special classes gives something new than not many first-person shooter games have. And in Destiny 2 each class have gotten a new subclass in addition to those that have been in Destiny. It have though replaced one of the subclasses from destiny one, which I don’t want to get into or tell to much about them, you will have to see them for yourself.


The controls feels familiar and has not changed much, it feels tight and responsive.

The only thing I could wish for was that the information boxes that appear down at the screen would stay a bit longer.At the beginning a lot of information is let out, sometimes it’s easy to miss when you are caught up with killing bad guys.

A new feature that was very welcome was the flashpoint system in the map. It was a bit different in the start but when you get used to it, it is so much better than it was in Destiny.You can see where the next public event occurs, and of course story missions and other activities.The best part is that you can now fast travel across the map instead of going back to orbit and back in again.


Destiny 2 invites for more exploration of the world itself, the system with Lost Sectors is fun and you can find some nice loot in those.This is also a nice way to level up between story missions. I don’t want to say that much about it, so that you can explore this yourself.

One thing that drags the experience down is that you don’t get your Sparrow until you have completed the main story, so until then you have to walk around, of course this might be the thing that got me to explore the world more but in the end of the story I was tired of running around meeting enemies that did not have anything to do with my mission.


The level cap is at 20 for now, but even after you’re done with the story it’s plenty to do. You can explore the planets, do public Events, Patrols, Crucible (Player versus Player, PvP) or Strikes (Similar to dungeons or smaller raids). (The new raid and Trials of the Nine is set to launch 13, September this year)


One thing I would want, is more new enemies, as I have played Destiny it was a bit boring. They have made some new but not enough. The new enemies are just advanced old ones as far as I have met them, and you don’t see a lot of them before you start to do raids or strikes.


The clans now have more features, as an own level system that rewards you with clan enagrams. To get the enagrams you have to get XP by doing Strikes, Activities, Raids and Crucible. You get more clan XP by playing with your clan members. But it is hard to level your clan up with a monthly maximum of 5000 XP per month.

The story is fine to play alone but when you play with other Destiny 2 really comes to its peak, this is what Destiny is all about. just like in Destiny.But if you want to play alone that works fine too, anyway the missions is challenging either if you play alone or with others.

fine as well.  When you are done  playing the story I recommend to join a clan, as I explained before this gives you access to more loot.


The PVP crucible is as fun as ever it feels now more easy to master for the new players as the matches are shorter and you now only play 4vs4 in every game.

Here is the different matches:


  • Clash: kill the enemy team to score points
  • Control: capture and keep positions to score points
  • Supremacy: kill enemies and collect their crest
  • Survivor: kill the enemies to deplete their spare lifes to win each round
  • Countdown: you either defend or detonate a bomb to win each round the team who gets to 6 rounds won, win the match


In crucible you can now only choose between quick play and competitive plays. But you can not choose which match you want to play, if you dont quit you will be sent on to each one of them in turns.




With all of the above in mind, the game is very good. I loved every minute of it and as it predecessor it’s addictive. Even if the enemies is the same they have been advanced so it is fun to fight them. Destiny 2 is a beautiful and complete game. I can’t wait to see what they will give us in the future.


Graphics: 9/10

Replay Value: 7/10

Gameplay: 10/10


Story: 10/10




  • +Co-op
  • +Environment
  • +New loot system
  • +Better story
  • +Clans as you now can level them up which gives enagrams
  • +The AI feels more alive and real
  • +New subclasses
  • -Repetitively missions
  • -Want better character customization
  • -Small storing space in character



This is an review in progress, as more content will arrive shortly. We will be updating this review when that time comes.

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