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Star Wars Battlefront II launches across the galaxy

One of the most anticipated (and lately hated) games of the year, Star Wars Battlefront II has finally been released. The game is said to be over three times the size of its predecessor, with more heroes, locations and vehicles from evert cinematic era.

“With Star Wars Battlefront II, we wanted to pay homage to the legacy of the Star Wars franchise and recognize how much each era has meant to so many people,” said Matt Webster, Executive Producer of Star Wars Battlefront II. “We built the game based upon what fans loved about the first game and feedback of what they wanted more of, including adding a single-player story, experiencing the ultimate Star Wars battleground across all cinematic eras, and shifting to an event and narrative driven live service that keeps the community together.”

Star Wars Battlefront II allows fans to play as, and against, Star Wars’ most feared villains, and beloved heroes. This includes Darth Maul, Rey and Yoda. With Finn and Captain Phasma joining in on the action in December. The game features six different multiplayer modes: Starfighter Assault, Galactic Assault, Strike, Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, and Arcade.

“With Star Wars Battlefront II, the teams have brought to life a period of Star Wars that hasn’t previously been explored in the films”, said Steve Blank, Creative Executive, Lucasfilm Story Group. “We’ve worked diligently to craft a compelling story of what it’s like to view a familiar conflict from a very different perspective by allowing players to experience the Battle of Endor and destruction of the second Death Star as an Imperial.”

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