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Taste of Power – Review

A real-time strategy game set in an alternate medieval time?? Okay, I’m intrigued.

Name: Taste of Power
OneOcean LLC
OneOcean LLC
Platforms: PC
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

What is Taste of Power? (Copied from Steam description)
“Taste of Power is a real-time strategy game set in alternate medieval times, where you fight for one of 3 factions – Europe, China, or the Middle East. In our version of history, nations clash for global dominance. The continent is an epic battlefield, so you’ll have to build cities, recruit troops, study new technologies and wipe out your opponents. Your nation needs a proper commander!”

The Good

I love strategy games, everything from city building, squad-based tactics, turn-based and real-time strategy. Lately, I’ve reviewed titles such as Anno 1800, Praetorians HD, Kingdom under Fire 2, They Are Billions, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, and Frostpunk. Some of them were great, while others didn’t just hit the mark with me personally. So one the questions in regards to Taste of Power is, what did hit the mark with me with this title?

Like Ancestor’s Legacy, Taste of Power focuses more on small unit count and tactics. It’s not like in Age of Empires where you can build yourself a huge army of units and overrun your opponent. But also in the attempt to be different from others, you’ll have to build cities so that you can get new fronts to use in battle. It’s a new way of thinking strategically, as well as unit placements throughout the map. Like almost every other RTS game, every unit has its own advantages and disadvantages.


One thing that caught my eye immediately was the 3D models of the in-game structures, yes they have reused a lot of the models, but I liked how “plain and easy” looking they were, the same goes for some of the units. But there are a few aspects regarding the graphics that I didn’t like, but more on that below.

I do love the idea behind the mechanics as it felt more fresh and different from other RTS games, but there are a few things that ruined my gameplay experience.

The Bad

The very first issue I encountered was performance issues, as it felt like all the animations and response time from I chose my units to click on a location where the units were supposed to go was falling behind and lagging. I’m not exactly sure if it got better in time or if I just got familiar with it, but overall, don’t expect high framerate and great resolution. Later in the game, you will encounter the same performance issues yet again, as it seems like the game engine itself struggles to load all the textures, animations, etc. (For the record, I have a high-end PC from 2019)

Commander – Enemy approaching! Take Formations! Archers Stand by!
Soldiers – Oh look, tall grass, maybe I will find some fancy ladybugs in there…

Commander – Attack the flanks!
Soldiers (Standing behind the friendly archers) – I’m sorry sir! but there are some odd obstacles in my way!


AI needs a lot of work to function properly, as I found myself arguing with my own units to learn them how to walk instead of thinking about what strategy I could use. And once I finally got my units out of the kindergarten, they all attack the enemy like a swarm of mosquitos trying to play soccer. Textures need more polishing as most of the environments looked blurry and unfinished, and this one isn’t a bad thing, but the user interface could have been more interesting. It’s easy to learn though for beginners of real-time strategy games.

You can check out our review policy right here if you wonder how we set our scores.

  • Total Score 5


Even though Taste of Power has fully released, I simply can’t lose the feeling that this game is still in early access or beta phase. There are a lot of performance issues and some of the graphic designs feel unfinished and others need more polish. On the other hand, Taste of Power does deliver a great first-time experience for those who haven’t experienced real-time strategy games before, and the gameplay mechanics they added is a great one. Some people will like this, and others won’t. It’s simple as that, for me personally it was too basic and too unfinished for my taste of power…

User Review
5 (1 vote)


*Gameplay Mechanics
*Easy to learn
*Some 3D models


*Performance issues

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