Xbox Media Briefing – Summary

Xbox’s Media Briefing contained a lot of new trailers (60!).
So, therefore, we decided to give you our recap of all the goodies right here;

Double Fine Productions joins the Xbox family

2019-06-09 (107)

New co-op mode will arrive in Gears 5

2019-06-09 (117)

More intel about Project Scarlett and a new Elite controller

Project Scarlett


2019-06-09 (177)

Elden Ring – new adventure from George R.R Martin

E3 Fixed

Exciting news regarding Cyberpunk 2077

2019-06-09 (41)

Lots of World premieres

Xbox E3 2019 2

And lots of new trailers from previously announced games

You can read more from our E3 coverage here.



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