Roccat Pure Ultra + Sense AIMO – Review

We’re beginning to get familiar with the Roccat lineup of various mouse and keyboards. And this time I got to review the newly added Roccat Pure Ultra with the Roccat Sense AIMO mousepad! (Our review of Kain 200, Kain 120, Kova)

Name: Roccat Pure Ultra (Mouse) + Roccat Sense AIMO (Mousepad)
Roccat/Turtle Beach
Acquired: The hardware of this product was provided by a publisher for review purpose


Roccat Pure Ultra
  • Sensor: 3389 Optical
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • DPI: 50 – 16000, in steps of 50
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.9 m / 6.2 ft
  • Hand orientation: Right
  • Width – Back: 7.35 cm / 2.89 in
  • Width – Front: 6.19 cm / 2.43 in
  • Width – Middle: 6.21 cm / 2.44 in
  • Length: 11.75 cm / 4.62 in
  • Height: 3.81 cm / 1.50 in
  • Weight: 64 g / 2.26 oz
Sense AIMO – Mousepad
  • RGB illuminated mouse pad with light guide technology
  • 2 individually controlled RGB zones
  • AIMO illumination – RGB Backlighting and LED lighting effects
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Soft cloth mouse pad with excellent speed/control balance
  • Anti-slip rubber on the bottom side
  • ROCCAT® Swarm software suite
  • Width: 350mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Thickness: 3.5mm

The Good

One thing I have to mention is that the Roccat Swarm software now actually works perfectly for our received Roccat products and easy to install. Previously we encountered a lot of difficulties to install the software and use the various programs towards the products.

Even for its simple design, it is incredibly lightweight in a good way, making first-person shooter games even more fun and easier to get that perfect headshot. And for the love of God, do not remove the RGB lights on gaming mouses, the Pure Ultra safes itself by adding a glowing Roccat logo to it. The buttons on the mouse feel naturally placed and are comfortable to click, even the scroll is comfortable to use.

The Roccat Pure Ultra has a wide range of DPI (50-16000), with that in mind I tested a few video games in various genres, such as Call of Duty, Anno 1800, 911 Operator, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and League of Legends. My best experience was while I played first-person shooter games, why?
This mouse is as mentioned lightweight, but it also has low lift-off distance which is perfect for gamers who prefer lower sensitivity (low DPI). Not only that the DPI optical sensor can be adjusted to down below 1mm depending on your mousepad, and if you add the Sense AIMO mousepad which is 3.5mm thick, this package would be a monster of FPS destruction.

The Bad

There is very little not to like with the Roccat Pure Ultra and Sense AIMO. To be incredible “picky”, the design of the mouse does not compare with the price tag the mouse currently has (approx 70€ here in Norway) but the quality of the mouse speaks for itself. Sadly it can be mistaken for a supermarket product. (Example a ten euro mouse from “Biltema”, Norwegian cheap supermarket). I personally have fallen in love with this mouse, but the limitations of hotkeys and the option to customize the weight control can be a dealbreaker for some gamers who are looking for the absolute hardcore mouse.

When it comes to the Sense AIMO, the only thing I’m missing is the option to adjust the brightness of the RGB lights, I love RGB and LED lights on my gaming equipment (like no other gamer….) and even more various lighting modes, it was a bit too simple for my taste.

  • Roccat Pure Ultra 9.5
  • Roccat Sense AIMO 9.5


After I began reviewing the Roccat Pure Ultra gaming mouse and the Sense AIMO mousepad, I simply can’t go back to my old setup anymore.
I play a lot of first-person shooter games, and the settings this hardware provides are a perfect match for my playstyle. The design might be a bit simple, but the high price tag comes with great quality.

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  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for first-person shooter games
  • Perfect match with the Sense AIMO mousepad (or other fancy cloth mousepads)


  • Limited mouse hotkeys
  • Can’t customize the weight control
  • Sense AIMO – Needs the option to adjust the brightness and add more lighting modes.


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