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Beat Cop – Review

(Written by Jon Baldvinsson)

Name: Beat Cop

Developer: Pixel Crow

Publisher: 11 bit studios

Platforms: PC

Review on: PC

Ever wondered how it is to be wandering the streets of 1980´s Brooklyn as a police officer? Beat cop offers that experience pixelized. Many people refer to Beat cop as a glimpse into a 1980’s cop tv show, where characters are just as rude and foul mouthed as they were back in the 80’s.


Jack Kelly arrives at a certain senator’s house and clearly something of value has been stolen, and he is framed for the crime. Jack Kelly gets demoted to a beat cop where he gets three weeks to clear himself of the crime, before he gets wiped of the face of the world. Sadly the story of the game develops quite slowly, and the story comes in tiny bites. The game itself is filled with references which is quite nice and fun. The story doesn’t start well after that, your fellow beat cops really dislike you and the cop you take the street of who is retiring called Fat Mike gets gunned down in front of you. This makes you determined to find his killer while trying to solve your own crime.


Beat Cop is a time management game and cop simulator, every day you get orders from your captain usually a set amount of ticket quote. On the street you find a lot of cars which can be ticketed for three different reasons, Tires, Broken Light or Parking Violation. Sadly there after a while you notice a visual difference, and you can simply drop checking the vehicles which saves you a lot of time, and really removes the whole time management off the game. Shopkeepers also give you quests which usually would require you to choose between doing the quests from the shopkeepers, or do more tickets for cash, but this isn’t an issue as you can get your ticket quote very fast. There are three factions within the game the Police, the Mafia and the Crew you need to manage your reputation of those 3 or else you will wind up dead or get fired. Sadly I went into the game with the intention of being a pure good hearted cop, but that ended up getting myself​ killed as I became a fast enemy with the crew. If you manage to gain full meter with the crew or the mafia you finish the game, without learning who set you up or solving the crime. You also need to remember that you need to balance the reputation as you will loose rep with the crew when working for the mafia and vise versa. The game will try to grab cash from you through various means, one being that you need to pay an alimony check or you lose your job, other means are to get food or simply being good hearted and giving a veteran some money which gives the benefit of additional eyes on the street. You can also use your money for some love of the night with a lady, of course she has different services which costs differently. You can also accept bribes from civilians who want to bribe you out of getting a ticket.


Visually the game does pixel art very well, characters are well made compared to the low amount of pixels used for each of them. The animations are great but considering that the game doesn’t have a lot of levels I would be surprised that if it wouldn’t be. Considering that you mostly see one street the whole game and inside a couple of shops, you know that there went a lot of work into this section. The game does lack a bit of music as you will mostly hear cars passing by or if you walk past some hip hoppers or a 80’s rocker.


If you love point and click adventures and pixel games this is definitely a game for you, although if you do not I would recommend waiting until the game goes on sale before buying it. After discovering the visual changes on vehicles the time management of the game disappeared and it kinda left the game itself as an half empty shell.

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  • Lovely Pixel usage


  • Visual representation of problems with cars
  • Missing an autorun button
Kim Haug
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