Wednesday, October 20, 2021
HjemNyhetsartikkelDestiny 2 takes away content

Destiny 2 takes away content

Destiny 2 players are once again taking up arms, now that the game’s first expansion Curse of Osiris has been released. People who have yet to buy the add-on has discovered that they can no longer access some of the high-level endgame content.

Curse of Osiris raises the softcap of power levels to 330, from the vanilla Destiny 2’s 300. The recommended power level for the game’s toughest activities has risen accordingly. The weekly Nightfall’s power level is now 270, while Levathian’s level now being 290, both still being available for everyone. The Prestige variants however are now impossible to access unless you buy Curse of Osiris, as they require players to reach the power cap of 330.


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