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Destiny The Rise of Iron – Review


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It’s been a week since the release of The Rise of Iron DLC and this last week I have been striking,looting and shooting my way around in the new area called “Plaguelands”.
Was it worth the return? Continue reading and find out my thoughts on The Rise of Iron.


The story is laid out over 10 missions and very much like previous Destiny storylines you are tasked with investigating and ending the new and dangerous threat that has appeared in the Plaguelands. The new threat are SIVA, a powerful life form “The Fallen” are trying to control but they do not understand its power.

Without spoiling anything I can say that the story is very similar in the way it is presented and executed, much like “The Taken King”. I can not say it is a bad story but it’s forgettable.

And the ten missions go by pretty fast. Unfortunately Bungie did not deliver on this part in my opinion. The storyline culminates as the previous ones in a raid to take out the big boss.


This has always been the strongest feature in Destiny, and it still delivers fast paced and fun gameplay that demands a lot from players wanting the most sought after gear.

New weapons and armor have been added with new perks and the ability to change the appearance of exotic items.

The new raid is, as its previous DLC’s , in my opinion the best part of the game.

This is a little bit shorter or not as difficult as the last raid, partly because Bungie has toned down the need for specific gears and items that greatly help or are needed.

That said I thought it was one of the most fun ones I have played. Involving more of the fireteam members to participate in the different segments of each stage.

It’s still challenging but in a slightly different way, not so technical as “The Kings Fall” raid was.

But that is just the normal mode, as before, the hard mode is not available yet. And I have not encountered any bugs in the raid, yet.

In the “Plaguelands”, which is the new patrol area on earth, are the familiar patrol missions you are used to plus one new patrol mission called “Quarantine” and a challenge area called “Archon’s forge”.

Much like “Court of Oryx” in the “Dreadnaught” area, you are challenged with waves of enemies with a boss. Three difficulties depending on the offering you present.

Fast, fun and a different way to get gear.



With the new DLC is also a new CRUCIBLE mode called “Supremacy”, basically it is like “Kill Confirmed” from “Call of Duty”, you run around killing other guardians and then you pick up something resembling an engram to confirm the kill and get more points.

I have not been such a big fan of Destiny’s PvP, mostly because I felt that it needed balancing on multiple parts and partly because I play mainly for the PvE aspect.

But surprisingly I was having a lot of fun. It has been a while since my last PvP session and I felt that the teams were more balanced and the matches was pretty even.

With all the maps from “Trials of Osiris” now being available in regular crucible and 3 new maps,(4 if you have PS4), new weapons and gear, players have a lot of things to do.

“Iron Banner” and “Trials of Osiris”will also return.




With the new DLC came also new weapons and armor both in PvE and PvP, new light level capping at 400. The “Gjallarhorn” returns in a cool Black design, though not as powerful as its predecessor.

It was little confusing at first thinking you straight up get it but it’s got to be earned and the black version is a skin you can infuse after earning it in a separate quest.




I always enjoyed look of “Destiny” and graphics are beautiful as usual. But I feel it is lazy from Bungie’s side that they basically just reskinned “Fallen” enemies like they did with the “Taken” characters in the previous DLC.

They should have take the time to design them way more different than the “Fallen”.

Same goes with a lot of the strike missions where you play on the same maps as another strike, you just enter from a different entrypoint.

And as always the musical theme to each mission or area are superb, as well as audio in general.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


I’m pretty satisfied with the DLC but I did not have very high expectations either. Not that Destiny have been bad before, far from it, but they didn’t deliver the product they promised.

But after all the content that has been released the past two years the game has plenty of varied activities to do. If you have not played Destiny before, now is a great time to do so.

It’s fun and engaging to play and is best enjoyed with a full fireteam of friends.

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  • Great raid
  • Supremacy game mode(Crucible)
  • New stuff to do


  • Lazy character design
  • Short and boring story

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