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GC18 – Turtle Beach Atlas Series impressions

Turtle Beach announced a new line up of headset right before Gamescom. And as the sneaky influencer’s we are, we got to test them and talk with one of the Turtle Beach represents regarding their new line up.

I was met with incredible nice people who were extremely passionate about their new headsets. First off I got to hold and test the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 300 (which is under a reviewing process here at Ulvespill) and more from the Stealth line up. I won’t go much into detail on these headsets now, our review of the Stealth 300 is just around the corner.

Turtle Beach Stealth 300

But the main event, the all new Atlas series. Three new headsets, with their own set of features, functionality, the Elite Atlas with a MSRP of €99.99, and the Atlas Three and Atlas One with MSRPs of €79.99 and €49.99, respectively. The Atlas series is aimed for the PC market, but you can read more of the functionalities and announcement right here.

One of the features they promote, that each of the headset has, is that they are “ProSpecs” glasses friendly. Which means, that people who uses spectacles including myself will have the comfort by using these headsets. The headset won’t feel like their in the way, and it won’t feel like your glasses are digging inside your brain by using the headset. That part I can confirm, both on the Stealth series and Atlas series. To spoil myself a bit regarding my review of the Stealth 300, the comfort by using the headset with glasses is extremely good, even after a 10 hour play session. So I don’t think the Atlas series will feel any different on the long run, but in that situation at my three minute test, it was comfortable.  

It’s always difficult to say if the headset will be a success, if the sound is good, how the bass works, battery life, comfort, surround sound and so on from a first impression. When I test new headsets at events such at this, or even at the retail store, I always test the comfort, noise reduction and if available, playing a song, movie or a game to test the sound for a bit. I will, of course, go into more detail in my review of the Stealth 300. As for the Atlas series, first impression was positive, and hopefully I can manage to either test one of the Atlas headsets for a longer time or even better, get the opportunity to review one of them.  

Kim Haug
Kim Haug
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