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Home Sweet Home

The 31th of May brings forth a new horror to Playstation 4 and Playstation VR, with the release of the new stealth-horror game Home Sweet Home.

As the first in a series of Horror games, Home Sweet Home takes the player through a dark and twisted labyrint. Here Fear seethes through the air, Dread bleeds through the ceiling and anxiety builds up for every step you take.

You will have to dodge deadly spirits, solve puzzles and unveil horrible secrets as you try to save your family and get out of there. Your home ain’t all that sweet no more!

Key Features

  • Gripping Thai Horror – The game is led by a dark narrative inspired by Thai lore, myths and beliefs, keeping you on your toes as you move on.
  • Sharpen Wits, Not Blades – Its time to use your mind, not brute force when you’re up against the evil spirits, as theres no weapons provided.
  • Search and Discover – Explore and inspect every tiny corner of the map to piece together the mysteries, hardships and tragedies of the condemned.
  • Face Your Fears – Get a closer level of first-person fear with the PS VR compability.

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