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I don’t like Animes, but I like this game!


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The title is actually not clickbait, but the honest truth. I must admit, the whole Anime and manga genre is totally lost on me and I have never truly understood what all the fuss is about. Usually, this also applies to games in the Anime genre, but I have been proven wrong!

The free-to-play anime-action MMO SoulWorker now gets even better with new content, increased level caps and class advancements, starting with Haru Estia and more updates will follow. I had the opportunity to meet some of the guys behind SoulWorker at Gamescom and got a wonderful hands-on experience!

The first thing I have to say about SoulWorker is the gameplay. Let’s face it, a game with bad gameplay is a bad game – even if you love the genre. This game is so fluent and the over-the-top action so satisfying that even though I am not very keen on anime, I do LOVE the gameplay experience! It’s so smooth and engaging. If you combine it with beautiful cell-shaded graphics, you get a result that will satisfy most people that enjoy Anime, MMO’s or action games alike.

This clearly shows in the success of the game. The full game was released 26th of February and already have more than 1 million registered players.

soulworker dungeon2

Class Advancement

Haru Estia is the first character to receive the class advancement, and more in-depth storyline and background information as you progress in the game, so you get to know your character even better.

The update does not only give you a second weapon, new skills to play with, but you can visually see the advancement on the graphics on the character. Not to mention the new ultimate ability, that is extremely satisfying to execute.

soulworker dungeon

You are not afraid that the ones that liked the old version will get upset?

“You can still use the old one, it’s just additions” they reassured me. “So, you get the new skills, but you have to decide “Do I invest points in these skills” so that you have the free choice of “Do I continue to play as I was before, do I want to try out the new ones.” It’s completely your choice.”

Every class will get the class advancement, Haru is the first one and the other ones will follow one after the other, starting with Lilly Bloommerchen.

“We try very hard to push one major update every month. It’s obviously very hard, but we try.”

soulworker grassland camp1

New City – Grasscover Camp

The new city introduced in the major update is Grasscover Camp, the first city to be inside the void, where all the demons and enemies come out of. The story continues there, so you find out more about what happened inside the void.

This update will mainly contain progress content, to get your character from 55 to lvl 60, but the future updates will contain more end-game content with new gear sets. There was even some hints about a new class in the horizon, but I will not spoil more of the fun there…

soulworker grassland camp2

The new update for SoulWorker will be live 6th of September
Want to try it? Head over to Steam to play for free.

Axel Aubert
Axel Aubert
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