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Lets get shameless!

X.D. Network are announcing that the new Comedy action title from Carrya. Tec, named Roguelike Hero, is coming to PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Being inspired by Stephen Chow’s comedy style, it will present an absurd and funny action experience filled with trolling mechanics.

You play as a Walk-on actor, struggling to get a good role. Each stage is a movie set piece and players fight though and various enemies in absurd ways to complete filming. There are an abundance of trolling weapons and moves such as a fart counter move and spit attack.

What you can expect of Roguelike Hero:

  • Playing as a hero that doesn’t deserve the status
  • Absurd mechanics, animations and features
  • A unique comedy plot
  • Huge pool of enemy variations andendless combination potentials
  • Huge pool of items and gears to make each playthrough unique
  • A variety of bosses
  • A fun combat system enabling both button smashing and skilled gameplay

It’s set to release on PC, PS4 and Switch and will have English, Japanese and traditional / simplified Chinese localization options.

source: X.D. Network Press Release

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