Super Seducer 3 has gotten a release date

Hold on to your hats! Super Seducer 3 is coming to Steam!

“Super Seducer 3 is the follow-up to Super Seducer 2 which was the follow-up to Super Seducer. Join Richard and his friends on a brand-new seduction adventure. Super Seducer 3 uses a brand new re-engineered Seduction Engine 2.0 to deliver the most advanced dating tactics yet. With a focus on both humour and hard-hitting psychological advice, you will be a better man and enjoy lots of laughs once you complete the game. By employing the skills that you learn in the game, your social life will be taken to the next level IRL.” – about the game

Not much else is known, but with Super Seducer 2 just launched, the developers still have some time to release more info. The game is scheduled for release on 6th of March 2019 for PC.


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