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Thunder Rally now available in the Steam Early Access Program

The indie studio Typical Entertainment is delighted to announce the release of their first game Thunder Rally on PC as part of the Steam Early Access program.
Thunder Rally is a chaotic demolition derby party game with crazy physics and nonstop explosions. Knock your enemies out of their cars and run them over, use outrageous power-ups, avoid hazardous environments, and dodge the explosive barrels launched by your fallen foes.

With up to eight local players, the rounds are quick, violent, and usually comical with powerups and stage hazards taking cars and drivers out quickly. As soon as a driver dies, they return as a catapult loaded with explosive barrels. This keeps the gameplay quick, keeps all players involved, and continually ramps up the insanity each round.


Game Features
· Up to 8 players locally
· Add up to 7 ruthless CPUs for intense single-player action
· 21 hazards packed levels
· 13 hilarious and deadly power-ups

“We want player feedback to drive the development. We feel like the game is in a pretty good place at the moment, but have been playing it ourselves for over two years and don’t want to develop the whole game in a bubble. Hearing from the community will keep us motivated, inspire new ideas, and ensure we’re focused on the features that players want” says Abel Mason Perry, Typical Entertainment co-founder

Source: Typical Entertainment

Kim Haug
Kim Haug
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