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Absolver: Downfall – Expansion

Today sucker punch experts Devolver Digital and independent developer Sloclap have annouced Absolver: Downfall. An expansion pack for the online melee combat. This expansion pack features three big content updates; Faejin Combat style, School Challenges and Downfall Mode. The new Faejin Combat Stylmixes offence and defence with fluid power and percussive strikes. This approach is a complex style for experienced Absolvers such as two dozen attacks for bare hands, war gloves, armed combat and shifting defensive abilities.

The School Challenges is for the Absolvers who have reached the Diciple rank in a school may participate in School Challenges. They may do so by using their school’s powers and decks in one to one Combat Trials. All wins while representing one’s school count in these challenges, both collective and individual performances of the school bring new rewards every three weeks at the end of the season.

The third major update is the Downfall Mode. Here Absolvers will face their most difficult challenge yet as they battle their way through the new Adalian Mines either in online co-operative play or as a solo warrior. Every run through the procedurally sequenced temples and mines offers a unique path through different challenges against upgraded enemies and three intense boss fights.

In addition to these three major updates there some other additional updates as well. These include six new gear sets to discover, six new emotes and 3 new player vs. player intros.

Absolver: Downfall will be available for free for PS4 and PC on September 25.

Source: Cosmocover


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