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Dead Cells DLC releasing this month!

Massive New Dead Cells DLC Features Hidden Levels, Cursed Gems, New Bosses, New Biomes and Several New Ways to Die, Again & Again  dead cells 2
The team behind the 2018 smash hit Dead Cells has announced that the highly anticipated DLC ‘Rise of the Giant’ will arrive on PC March 28th.

Players who have beaten the game into submission on at least one occasion will gain access to the Cavern, an entirely new environment filled with entirely new ways to die. Abominable new traps, perilous lava pools await and they are filled with violent new enemies waiting to kill you – including a new boss at the end of the Cavern.

Fans will also be introduced to a shiny new skinning system, which gives players more than 50 new character outfits to enjoy. New loot will drop via the game’s new Premium Shop that you can sign up for with your favorite credit card classic blueprints from existing enemies in the higher difficulty modes (and bosses, of course.)

Overall there are 10 new enemy types added to the world of Dead Cells, many of which can be found in the higher difficulty modes of the game. Three new skills have been included in the game which consist of a flying pet and a single use scroll that will reveal the current level map and 10 new weapons have been introduced, including the Giant Killer, the Boi Axe and the Thunder Shield. The old Hunter Grenade door in the Prisoners’ Quarters has been replaced by a new Specialist shop where you can buy the Hunter’s Grenade, skins or a lovely new Map.

For the most advanced players, Rise of the Giant holds a new hidden level. An entirely new ending to your story will be revealed to those who can beat the crap out of the new boss waiting for you at the end….
dead cells 3
The entire list of patch notes can be found here: https://dead-cells.com/patchnotes

Dead Cells was released on Steam Early Access in 2017 and quickly found an audience due to its unique take on the roguelike genre and polished design. The title has since its launch earned dozens of accolades around the world from international critics and has been a stunning commercial success for Motion Twin.

Fans will be able to go hands on with Rise of the Giant at PAX East later this month.

Source: Motiontwin press release

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