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torsdag, september 28, 2023

GC18 – Destiny 2 Forsaken


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During Gamescom I was so fortunate to be invited into the Activision/Blizzard stand, where I got to try out the new DLC for Destiny 2Forsaken! I will admit I don’t have that much experience with Destiny 2, other than the beta for PC – but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the game and eagerly went into the press room!

The whole thing started out with a press briefing, where we got to know a little but about Forsaken – the new DLC which released 4th of September. We didn’t get to know that much about it, but it will feature new weapons and armor. Supposedly Forsaken will award players who quickly dispenses of enemies, although it was a little unclear how that would work. We also got to see this trailer, which you can watch below:

The main portion of the time I got with Destiny 2 was when I tried out the new Gambit mode, the new online mode where two teams play at their own areas, slaying as many monsters as quickly as possible. All in order to defeat the other team.

Do not think this is all there is to the new mode, no siree – killing isn’t enough! You also have to pick up the tags left behind by the mobs, and then deliver them to the base. Reach certain goals (25, 50 and 75) and you get rewarded, well, technically you don’t get rewarded, but the other team gets punished. First to spawn the Primeval (after 75 points) wins the set, the first team to win two sets wins the entire match!

Obviously, not having played more than the beta before trying out the Gambit mode, I can’t tell how it differs from the original modes – what I can say however is that this was incredible fun! Gambit feels balanced, and the PVE/PVP elements work well together. The game is both fast-paced enough to offer an action-y feel and tactical enough to not just be a gun-em-down mode. Go and deliver your points to the base too often and you’ll lose a lot of time hunting down mobs. Racking up loads of points might sound smart, and it is, until you die, and they are all lost (Yes, that happened to me.)…

Ulvespill will get back with a review for Forsaken soon!

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