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GC18 – The Crew 2: Gator Rush – Hands On

Ubisoft brought out Gator Rush, the new DLC for The Crew 2, at this year’s Gamescom. When Kim reviewed the game he said; “The Crew 2 is really a big improvement than its predecessor, but it may be a bit too ambitious.” – but know that the developers has been allowed to focus on a single new mode in the DLC, maybe this is more complete?

After a brief introduction it was time for the four of us reviewers to battle in out in a multiplayer mode across four races. Mostly focused on the new vehicle in Gator Rush, the hovercraft! There were a few moments of clumsiness, but soon I got the hang of the physics of this weird vehicle. And from here on out it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in an arcade style racing game!

The physics are well balanced, and are easy to learn, yet difficult to master. I will admit I had some crashes because of my eagerness to avoid using the brakes. By all means, that did ruin my hopes of a top three finish, but it never took away any of the fun. The new tracks that goes over both water and land, in order to make the most of these new vehicles, is well made too. And are just long enough to allow you to catch up if you made a mess of the start.

All too soon my half hour session in the game was over. Let me say this straight: Gator Rush is a fantastic add-on to the game, and is almost by itself a reason to buy the entire game. This was fun, period.

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