torsdag, mai 26, 2022
HjemArrangementHelp us attend LAN's in the future!

Help us attend LAN’s in the future!

We at Ulvespill has attended both The Link (twice) and The Hive. Both of which are LAN’s focused on offering local children/youth a place to make friends and exercise their hobby. Obviously, this is something we want to keep attending, not only because it’s an important offer to the local area, but also the fact that it is a lot of fun!

Ulvespill is a non-profit organization, which means all of us who write articles are working/studying, and are only doing this during our free time.

So far, we’ve been using our private equipment when attending these LAN’s. One problem with this is the cost to keep these machines running, make sure we have enough controllers and so on. On top of this, we have expenses when it comes to transporting both ourselves and the equipment.


What we need from you then is an economical support to allow us to keep arranging competitions and generally offering the youths an experience with consoles they won’t forget! If we reach our goal of 25000 NOK (around 3000 USD) we will be able to attend more LAN’s, and more importantly, we will be able to attend LAN’s in the far future as well! Our first goal is to buy four PS4’s, four monitors, four headphones and four extra controllers in order to have basic supply and spice things up with our personal retro consoles.

If you have the possibility to support us at all; for example, 1 USD helps a lot! You’ll find the link here! We would also appreciate it more than words can tell if you help to share the word and this article with your friends!

Ulvespill Stand 02

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


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