Hitman 2 announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and independent game developer IO Interactive, has announced HITMAN 2, the follow-up to the acclaimed international video game, HITMAN. Featuring entirely new hyper-detailed sandboxes full of living, breathing environments to explore, HITMAN 2 offers players the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination utilising an assortment of tools, weapons, disguises and a variety of stealth techniques to creatively trigger their own unique chain of events.

“We are thrilled to partner with IO Interactive on HITMAN 2 and bring the latest game in this iconic franchise to the passionate HITMAN fanbase and new players,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “IO Interactive has done a fantastic job with the Hitman franchise, and this new game will provide a distinct gameplay experience for players to be creative in larger sandbox locations.”

HITMAN 2 will be available for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC beginning 13th of November, 2018.

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Source: Warner Bros. Press Email



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