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Interview – Bethan Walker


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We got the opportunity to send some question to Bethan Walker, the voice of Alisaie in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV.

bethan walker headshot
Photo – James Joyce Photography (taken from IMDB)

We couldn’t let this opportunity go past us, so we sent a few questions.

alisaie ffxiv
Photo – Reddit


1. How did you get into voice acting? Have you had any education when it comes to acting/voice acting, or did it just start out as a hobby?

I trained for three years at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. We studied radio drama there which was the beginnings of my journey into the voice world. I then won the Carlton Hobbs Award which introduced me to a lot of producers and directors early on which was very helpful.

2. How did you get the role of Alisaie Leveilleur? What’s the best memory you have from voicing her? Did you base her voice on anyone?

I had auditioned for a few parts on different games before I came in for Alisaie. Casting directors will normally remember you if you do a half decent job and are nice to work with! As with any job it took me a little while to find my feet but I remember a recording session when I had some really lovely dialogue and all of a sudden in that moment I felt i’d found her, and could totally relax into the role. I dont base her voice on anyone. I think she is written so well she is quite unique.

alisaie leveilleur.png

3. Alisaie is strong-willed, cynical and, at times, emotional. Can you relate to her in any way?

Absolutely. I think she is probably a bit feistier than me though! She is not scared to speak her mind.

4. Apart from Alisaile, do you have any favorite video game characters? And how about games, any favorites?

I am fond of Lara!! As for games, it’s hard to beat Final Fantasy. I just think it is so beautifully made.

5. What is your dream project to work on? Say you had all the money/time you needed, what’s the biggest dream you have?

I love Shakespeare, I’ve always wanted to play one of his finest ladies on film. Perhaps Hermione or Lady Anne. That would be pretty special.

6. What project are you working on currently (that you are allowed to talk about)?

I am in a horror film called Heretiks directed by Paul Hyett that opens at this year’s Frightfest. I saw it the other day and it’s pretty scary!

(Here is the trailer of Heretiks, watch it if you dare!)

7. If you could invite three people to dinner, living, dead or fictional – who would they be?

Jesus, Judi Dench, and my Grandad Bill Walker

8. Lastly, if there’s someone out there who wants to work in the video game industry, do you have any hints for them?

Do your homework, learn about the medium. It is a different skill to your average voice job. If you get a casting, be on time and be fun to work with. Then get behind the mic and be alive. You can never underestimate the power of breath to quite literally breathe a character to life!

Final Fantasy XIV first released back in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and PC, years to come there has been tons of updates and expansions packs for this title. Among them, Heavensward and Stormblood where we can find Bethan Walker’s Alisaile.

We thank Nordic PR, Square Enix and off course Bethan Walker for this awesome opportunity. (Even though I’m a bit terrified of nuns now)

Kim Haug
Kim Haug
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