Is the mystery around Assassin’s Creed symbol solved?

Assassin’s Creed has launched a lot of games throughout the years, and their main logo or symbol has to be one of the most recognizable. But have you ever stopped and thinking about how they came up the idea of the symbol? How did they model it?

Reddit user degspt555 might be onto something here;

Fans of the series know this symbol as the Assassin’s Insignia, and for years people, including myself have thought it might be a ‘hood’. But an eagle skull makes sense, right?

“The insignia was inspired in ancient Egypt by Medjay and Hidden One Bayek after he dropped an eagle skull necklace belonging to his murdered son in the sand, leaving an imprint.” – AC Wikia 

This was actually revealed during Assassin’s Creed Origins!

Source: Reddit




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