Nintendo Switch goes handheld only with ‘Lite’

Nintendo announced a whole version of their flagship console today, the Nintendo Switch Lite. ‘Lite’ a smaller version of Nintendo Switch. It is more compact and lightweight.

The controls are now integrated with the console, that means you won’t be getting any standard Joy Con’s when you purchase this game. And you have to be sure that the “handheld icon” is marked on the games you want to play. You can play games that use Joy-Con’s only as well, but then you have to buy them separately and a charging grip as well, as you can’t recharge the Joy-Con’s on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This handheld only version is available in three different colors.


To compare the standard Switch with the Lite;

  • Lite can only be played in handheld mode, no TV support (not available to dock, nor HDMI cable/kickstand)
  • Joy-Con’s are not included with the Lite version.
  • The Lite version weighs Approx. 61lbs compared to the standard Switch with approx. 88lbs.
  • Standard Switch has a 6.2″ touch screen vs Lite’s 5.5″ touch screen
  • The battery life on the Lite is slightly better with approx 3-7 Hours lifetime compared to 2.5-6.5 Hours on the standard one.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be available this year on the 20th of September.

Source: Nintendo



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