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Overwatch Introduces Ana’s Bastet Challenge

The latest Overwatch update gives players the chance to earn some free loot via an in-game challenge, and they can also support their favorite Overwatch League expansion teams with brand-new hero skins.

COMPLETE ANA’S BASTET CHALLENGE FOR FREE LOOTProve yourself as the guardian of Cairo by completing Ana’s Bastet Challenge! When the fierce protector from the new Overwatch short story, “Bastet,” arrives in-game with story-inspired content available to unlock for a limited time.

From January 8-21, heroes will be able to undertake a special trial to earn five sprays, a player icon, a victory pose, and an epic Bastet Ana skin for a total of eight new rewards.


In addition to normal weekly earnings for playing in the Arcade, your wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will all earn you a limited-time player icon, victory pose, and a new epic skin: Bastet Ana!
  • Win 3 Games | Player Icon
  • Win 6 Games | Victory Pose
  • Win 9 Games | Bastet Ana Skin
Source: Blizzard Entertainment Press Release 

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