TERA gets an update

The latest patch 76 coming on 13th November will introduce numerous new features for Gameforge’s MMO TERA. The update introduces the long-awaited talent system, the Brawler class for Elin characters, as well as a brand-new dungeon Bahaar’s Sanctum, where players must confront the fire god personally.

Talent System starting Level 65: Advanced players have new possibilities for fine-tuning their characters to suit their playstyles. Players earn talent points which can be spent on special buffs and bonuses, offering such advantages as reduced cooldowns for skills and increased attack power. The talent experience bar is linked to a player’s account, meaning that all of a player’s characters on the server can take advantage of it.

New Dungeon: Players can expect a fiery welcome in Bahaar’s Sanctum – and one of the longest boss battles in TERA’s history. In an atmospheric lava region, the fire god Bahaar will extinguish any adventurer daring to approach him. Fortunately, players will not stand alone but can confront the god in a group with up to four allies.

Elin Brawlers: At last, the Brawler class becomes available for the delightfully dangerous warriors from Pora Elinu. Elin Brawlers chain together swift series of powerful punches and kicks in combat, equipped with power fists and metal armor.

Source: Visibilitycommunications press email


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