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Top 10 – Guilty Pleasure (Videogames)

Let’s face it, we all have that one or even more games we love to play while no one else knows you’re playing those games. We do have our own Not safe for work list, and some of those titles can also be known as a guilty pleasure as well. All of our top lists is from our own personal opinion, and this list is no different. One thing might stand out though, not sure I actually want to share this list with you guys, but heck let’s do it. Here is my top ten guilty pleasures in video games.   

10. The Sims

If you’re done playing The Sims today or still playing, then I’m almost one hundred percent certain that you have at one point created a character or a family based on your crush. There is no point denying that. We all did it. But that isn’t the only thing we (I’m going to refer to “we” as I like to think I’m not alone in this.) did or do in the game. Creating the perfect family, decorating your house, etc. it’s fine, but the true guilty pleasure is playing like the devil instead of a god!
Being an asshole to everyone, trying different ways to kill your character, maybe by drowning in the pool. And if you are a guy (Maybe some girls did it as well.) well let’s put it this way. We all found a way to remove “that blurry thing that always was in the way.”


09. Pokémon games

I’m part of that generation who grew up with Pokémon from the very beginning (in the west that is). I loved to watch Pokémon episodes while eating my breakfast early in the morning, and playing Pokémon on my Gameboy Colour way past bedtime. And one thing I really appreciate more today than before, was the lack of the internet. I couldn’t go on YouTube or Google to find out hidden gems or how to do things. The only help I got was a kids Pokémon magazine with a few tips and some walkthroughs, other than that I was on my own, and I couldn’t understand much english either. But hey it was fun, and it still is!
Even today I play the old pokemon games on my Gameboy Colour, I even have to play the new ones on the 3DS as well, because my love for Pokémon isn’t gone yet.

08. Lego games

Lego games is a huge commercial enterprise at the moment, many famous movies are being created into Lego video games. (Such as The Hobbit, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean). But why do I have these games on my guilty pleasure list? Well, these are targeted to be played by children. The difficulty isn’t that hard, the typically “Lego humour” is in there (such as bad dad jokes humour), and of course you can play and build with Lego’s. As an adult, I love to play these games. I love the humour, and I love the small puzzles to solve and I simply love the gameplay. I can’t help it, I think it’s great to play this game with my nephew, but I love to play this game on my own.   


07. Little Big Planet

My second child video game entry on this list, the many reasons why Little Big Planet arrives here is the same as the Lego games. It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s challenging in its way. Just running around with Sackboy is pretty much enough to entertain me. Don’t judge me!


06. Playing mobiles games while sitting on the toilet

So, who hasn’t been sitting a bit longer on the toilet because, “I just have to do something done on this game.” One more round on Candy Crush I need to harvest these carrots. Perhaps consider not bringing the phone to the toilet if it exceeds an hour maybe?


05. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a love/hate relationship with most people. Reasons why people hate on Call of Duty games is many such as annual release of new title, similarities with previous titles, loot boxes, spawns, overpowered weapons, bad matchmaking and the list goes on. But people including me still keep on buying the new titles every year. Why? Well, I can only speak for myself on this part. The Call of Duty games provides a decent first person shooter campaigns, compelling co-op experience and multiplayer. Call of Duty for me today is a “time killer” for me, if I don’t have a lot of time playing games, I’m a bit bored or tired of other big video game titles then a single match or two in Call of Duty fills that empty feeling easily.

04. HayDay

Yes, I know, this might fall under the same category as the sixth place here, but HayDay is addictive. It is something about the little charm of having your own farm and producing your own goods that you then sell on. Hello! I don’t sound like a hardcore gamer at all…

03. Playing as the opposite sex in MMORPG

I do not know why I’m doing it, but every time I’m going to make me a new character in games like Tera, Conan Exiles or other type of MMORPGS, I choose 90% of the times to play as the opposite sex. Is it because I’m an insane perverse man who loves to run around in small and sexual outfits on videogame characters? (Most likely…)


02. Perverted games

Okay, you might get my permission to judge me on this one. Because, well, I love these games because of its gameplay and replay value… Who am I kidding?! I’m a guy. I see boobs, women in bikinis or small outfits jumping around. And who delivers such video games that pretty much appeals to men and lesbians? Pretty much every single Asian developing team, video games like the Dead or Alive series, Senran Kagura, Hentai games, Bayonetta and Lollipop Chainsaw is a few titles that we play just because of the women and not the gameplay (Bayonetta might be an exception there.)


01. Dancing games

Then it was my biggest guilty pleasure… Yeah, I think it’s awesome playing dancing games. Especially if I play with others around me or with me. Games like Dancestar Party, Just Dance and even Zumba are catchy, fun and physically demanding. I would think there are more hardcore gamers or just simply stubborn (narrow-minded) men who also think this is fun.


What is you’re guilty pleasure?

Kim Haug
Kim Haug
Eier og daglig leder av Ulvespill Interessen min for spill er så stor at jeg bestemte meg for å starte opp egen spillnettside, why not? Har skrevet spillnyheter og anmeldelser siden 2011

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