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Apex Legends Tournament – Rules

  • All participants shall use Ulvespill PCs only during the tournament.
  • Communication will only take place in Ulvespill’s Discord channel between players.
  • Own equipment is not allowed
  • Settings cannot be changed on – Preset
  • Anyone who wishes to participate must report to the nearest Ulvespill crew member so that he or she can be entered on the participant list.
  • Participants are placed in 3 man squads of which they play a match online
  • Although all 3 players play as a team, there are individual points that apply to the final score of this tournament.
  • Damage points will not be counted in this tournament
  • Points are counted like this;

1 kill = 2 points
3.Place = 2 points
2.place = 5 points
1 place = 10 points
Loss of teammate ‘permanent’ (counts toward the whole team) = -5 points
(If all three dies, negative points will then be discluded)

  • If a squad participant has been knocked out and has not been rescued by his teammates using player banner/spawn beacon, he will not receive placement points. And remaining teammates get -5 points per teammate who are permanently knocked out.
  • Depending on the number of participants, the participant with the most points after completing the online match proceeds to the next round. If 2 players have the same amount of points then both go on to the next round. If all 3 have the same number of points, the rematch goes on immediately until two or one players has the most points.

Prizes – To be announced!

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