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Commandos 2 HD Remaster – Review

Back in June 2019, Kalypso Media confirmed it was working on remasters for Commandos 2 and Praetorians by announcing both Commandos 2 HD Remastered and Praetorians HD Remaster. Both games are getting overhauled graphics as you would expect from a remaster as well as updated controls to allow for better user experience.

Name: Commandos 2 HD Remaster
Developer: Yippee Entertainment
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Released: 24.01.2020
Platforms: PC,
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

Commandos 2, the original 2001 title developed by Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, defined the real-time tactical strategy genre forever. Its innovative mechanics and the World War II setting set the bar for many RTS-games. To pay their respects to that legacy, the developers at Torus Games and publisher Kalypso Media revealed Commandos 2 HD Remaster last year and reached the public release earlier this year on January 24th.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster, puts you in control of a team of highly trained and varied squad members. The commandos in your squad have a different set of abilities which changes how you can use each of them, e.g. the spy can use officer uniforms to distract soldiers while the green beret can bury himself and lie in wait for an ambush. These differences will often promote the coordination of several members to complete objectives. Not only does your team have variation but the large levels you face are very open and also contain secondary objectives. Certain objectives like rescuing sailors must be completed but how you go about getting to them is up to you. The commando movements are controlled in an isometric view that can be zoomed in and out. Most of the level design is of high quality with wildlife and plenty of natural cover. Being able to sneak a peek into a window and see a patrolling guard in 3D before making an entrance is most satisfying, the same goes for setting off traps.”

At first glance I found this game quite difficult to master, I found the tutorial misleading and confusing. That said, I think the purpose of the game is to give an upgraded experience to those who played the original.

Although I mastered the first missions by my own hand, I had to turn to walkthroughs for some of the riddles and puzzles in some missions, as I found some quite hard to grasp on.

Commandos2_HD_Remaster_Release_Screenshots (6)

The gameplay itself may break down into you sneaking undercover and making sure that the vision “triangles” of the enemy doesn’t hit your characters. I found it fun, but very challenging to go full-on Rambo, with rifles and grenades blazing. This game rewards being a sneaky little fox, and therefore the game lacks quite a bit of action. But when playing as a sneaky little fox, you also get challenged pretty hard by the game developers. If you, for instance, are dealing with a gagged soldier, he is unable to move, but if another soldier sees til, he will be freed, and you have to deal with two pissed of a soldier, whose missions are to end your mission as fast as possible.

Written by: Alexander Hagen

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Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

  • Remaster Score 4


I found this game challenging and it requires good decision making. I found the tutorial and general first hour hard and with a very steep learning curve. This remaster is made for those who played the original game. New players to this franchise, like my self, most likely will try a few hours, and then give up on the fantasy of being the slow-pace soldiers to you need to be to master this game.



  • Updated graphics
  • Some good missions
  • Nostalgia


  • Repetitive
  • Steep learning curve for new players
  • Camera angles were a bit struggling
  • Voice acting

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