E3 2018 – Fallout 76

During the Microsoft and Bethesda Media briefing during E3, we got some exciting news about Fallout 76, the next game in the Fallout Universe.

Here are some of the main points that was shown during the conferences:

  • Four times larger than Fallout 4, so the game is going to be quite huge!
  • The game starts with Reclamation Day, after spending 25 years in the vault you are one of the first people to emerge to a very different world than you left.
  • The game can be played Solo and Co-Op, giving the players the experience they have been craving for several years.
  • Serverless online experience, meaning that all your progress on your character will always follow you, no matter what.
  • Bases can be built wherever you want to build them, and they are movable so you can change the location.
  • Control nuclear missiles, and feel the responsibility that comes with this huge power.
  • It will be released 14th of November 2018
  • B.E.T.A (Break It Early Test Application) will come soon-ish

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