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GC18 – Devolver Digital Games – Hands On

During Gamescom I’ve got the chance to take a little trip to Devolver Digital’s business area, to try out some of their upcoming releases. Two words that stuck after trying some of the games, were weird and fun. Luckily most on the fun part, when sitting there and play.

The three games I got the chance to play were:

So let’s begin with the weirdest, and that has to be Metal Wolf Chaos XD


If you wonder what that is here is a small summary

A third-person shooter video game developed and published by FromSoftware. It was released for the Xbox exclusively in Japan in 2004. The player takes on the role of fictional President of the United States Michael Wilson piloting a mech to battle the rebelling military led by fictional Vice President Richard Hawk.  – Wikipedia

So it is a remaster of a game that you only had a chance to play, if you had a Japan region Xbox. And to have that you either had to live there or import one, but then it would only be in Japanese with english voice. But now we all will have the chance to play one of FromSoftware earliest games, which is mostly known known for the Souls series here in the west.

They said they didn’t want to change too much of the game, but rather keep what made the game what it was. So there won’t be much changed with the gameplay, but some improvement with the visuals. Upscaled to 4K resolution and some texture fixed, but still keep the look and feel about the original. It is impossible to take this game serious, with the quirky dialogue and over the top story. But it was really fun to play at least, action fueled with guns and explosions. The mech can hold up to eight weapons with over 100 differente variations, dual weld them like a boss. It was really fun to play, trying out different weapon combinations and dash enemy’s with the mech. Metal Wolf Chaos XD have that old-school fun gameplay, just random action blowing stuff up and inflict as much chaos to your enemies as possible.

So if it sounds interesting, or you just want to see what FromSoftware was making before the Souls series. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC somewhere in mid 2019.


Then there was Ape Out. I had no idea what to expect and thank god for that. Because that was one of the simplest, but also the most fun I had in their booth. It’s pretty simple you are a gorilla, that can do two things grab and punch. You will have to use those two methods of attack, to find your exit. There are guards that tries to put you down for good, and you will have to get rid of them to survive. We all know guns kill, so what can you do to protect yourself? Well, how about grab one guard and use him as a shield or just throw him at the others. The map works like a maze, and you will have to find the way out yourself. If you die, the whole map will show up, showing the pattern you walked and how far from the exit you were. Everything is seen from a top-down perspective, and the visuals are really basic. The focus is on you and the guards, and the bloody mess you are leaving behind. Either from the guards you have killed, or your own blood that is leaving a trail. And let’s don’t forget the music, in the background there is played this upbeat jazz music and everytime you hit someone this Hi-hat drum sound comes. So you can in fact beat people to the rhythm of the music, or just bash your way through with the sound of hi-hats everywhere.

There is not set a date for release yet, but planned for 2019 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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