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GC18 – Nacon Daija Arcade Stick Impressions


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During Gamescom, we were invited to take a look at Nancon’s newest project – the Daija Arcade Stick.


Although there are a lot of arcade sticks out on the Asian market, finding one in Europe is harder than you might expect, especially one good enough to use in competitive environments.

In collaboration with the “Queen of Fighting” Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, Nancon has developed the Daija Arcade Stick for this very reason. If you never heard of Kayane, this is a lady that knows what she is talking about. She specializes in fighting games, in particular in the Dead or Alive, Soulcalibur and Street Fighter series, and has been playing competitively since 2001.In 2012, Kayane entered Guinness World Records in the categories “First Female Super Street Fighter IV World Champion” and “Most Podium Placements in a Fighting-Game Tournament for a Female (2001-2011)”. Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition also awarded her the title of “Most Successful Female SoulCalibur Player” for her 48 Soulcalibur series podium placements between 2002 and 2012.

Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr
Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr

With her vast experience in the fighting game scene, she is the perfect adviser on how the arcade stick should be developed to satisfy even the most demanding player, down to the smallest detail.

“Kayane is a brilliant player who has managed to establish herself on the eSports scene while conquering the public’s heart,” stated Yannick Allaert, NACON’s Director of Development. “Her expertise in fighting games, her versatility and human qualities have made this collaboration extremely beneficial. […] Kayane’s contributions throughout its design will enable us to once again delight players,”

nacon Daija Arcade Stick Inside
All buttons can be customized in the hardware to suit your preferences.
Nacon Daija Arcade Stick Inside
Every part is replaceable to ensure that repairs from eager use can be fixed quickly between matches.
nacon Daija Arcade Stick side view
Buttons like the PS-button and options are placed on the side to prevent accidental pushes during fights. The touchpad is included, one of the few arcade sticks to have one.

NACON Daija Arcade Stick technical features:

Officially licensed arcade stick for PS4(TM) and PS3(TM).

  • Professional components from renowned manufacturer SANWA
  • Large and clean playing surface: single control area, on the right-hand side, for easier access to key controls
  • 3.5mm headset socket
  • Textured wrist rest
  • Customisable top cover: 2x artworks and screwdriver included
  • Padded base with foam coating for enhanced stability while playing
  • Plate controls
    • Stick: 2 interchangeable heads (balltop or battop)
    • Top row: Square / Triangle / R1 / L1
    • Bottom row: Cross / Circle / R2 / L2
    •    LED player status indicator
  • Right-sided controls
    • SHARE (SELECT) / OPTIONS (START) / R3 / L3 / PS buttons
    • Stick mode setting button (Left / Right or directional buttons)
    • Touch pad (PS4(TM) mode only)
    • Platform setting button (PS4(TM)/PS3(TM))

The Nacon Daija is set to retail for €199.90 when it hits Europe later this Fall.

Axel Aubert
Axel Aubert
Spillnerd, Techentusiast & Sosial sommerfugl. Tilbake i Ulvespill, etter en liten pause, for å spre tanker, inntrykk og meninger. Spill har vært et stort interesse siden 6 års alder og har ikke forsvunnet med årene.

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