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GC18 – Ride 3 – Hands On

The Ride series can be described easy as motorcycle encyclopedia, even breaking records for the most motorcycles in a game. Ride 3 will soon hit the shelves, and luckily Milestone gave me a chance to try it out at Gamescom this year.

Before we got the chance to play, we got some information and numbers about the upcoming game. First of the bikes, at the launch there will be 230+ bike models available to drive and customize. There will also be over 70 bikes in post-launch DLC, that will be released during 2019. Over 30 tracks around the world with differnt variations and climate. And for the first time a Livery Editor, that gives us endless variation in how we want to make our bikes look. You can create and share your creations and download what others have made.

At Gamescom we had two modes to play, Single Race and Time Attack. 32 different bikes from three categories and six tracks that had different pre-set conditions. These where set so we had different tracks to try out how every bike felt different in their own way.

If you have ever played Ride before you know what you will be getting, and I was a bit prepared for what I would be meeting. So I chose the fastest bike I could find and turned of all assist to show off a bit. And what a big mistake that was, nothing is more embarrassing then sitting in a room with the developers watching you. I was wheeling all over the place crashing and sliding in corners. Braking too hard and be to hard on the throttle in corners, luckily it wasn’t recorded I guess. But it was fun and Ride 3 is made in a new engine so it looked great. Developed in Unreal Engine 4 using drones to capture and recreate real-life tracks, and it will include night modes a first for the franchise. We weren’t playing on a finished build of the game, so there where some small bugs and textures that wasn’t optimized.

They were talking about that career mode would evolve us working for different magazines, testing new bikes to write articles about them. This sounds like an interesting idea, and hopefully makes it fun to play through Ride 3’s Career when it launches 8th November 2018.


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