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GC18 – Wargaming

At Gamescom I got the joy of meeting up with Wargaming.net – after a little bit of confusion with who I was, and who I was supposed to meet with, I finally was allowed into the Wargaming area.

World of Warships

Let’s start with the big one – World of Warships is coming to consoles! In 4K! It will be rather similar to the PC version, as the same code is being used. The console version will feature shorter, more intense matches, with 9v9 teams.

World of Warships for consoles will also feature a new UI, as the current one on PC requires a mouse and keyboard to work. Another new feature is the ability to control the squadrons you send out when playing as a carrier – but I wasn’t told too much about what the developers meant by that. Unfortunately, there won’t be any crossplay, at least during the launch period. According to the developers I talked to this is all Sony’s fault though, and they are supposedly ready to open up crossplay-servers the minute Sony allows it.

World of Warplanes

My meeting with the World of Warplanes guys was disappointingly short (or maybe it was just the fact that it was a lot of fun talking to the guys.) There were little new to know about the game, other than the adding of Iron Maiden-graphics to some of the warplanes. I also learned that Bruce Dickinson (the lead singer in Iron Maiden) is a huge fan of World of Warplanes. Seen below from a concert featuring his favorite warplane in the game;

World of Tanks

While I was waiting between the two meetings I had at Wargaming, I got a short talk with some of the guys who works on World of Tanks too. I know Kim had already tried out World of Tanks AR/VR, but maybe he didn’t get to know there soon will be polish and french tanks in the game? Who knows? Fun fact for you I guess!

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