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Gundam Versus – Review

Name: Gundam Versus
Developer: Bandai Namco Studio Inc.
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Released: 29, September (Europe)

Okay, so you might wonder what the F* is happening with me lately. Why do I keep playing these games based on asian anime’s? First it was The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls: Viewing Revolution and then Dragon Ball, what is so appealing about these games?

That Gundam Versus is an anime show is the only thing I knew before I’ve played this game. And I must say it is quite difficult to convince someone just like me to play games such as this. The reason might be because there are a lot of entries to this genre / franchise, what suits you or not? But Gundam Versus does an great job to introduce newcomers.


The graphics in Gundam Versus isn’t the best I’ve seen, especially in 2017.  It might have been great / descent during the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era, but not when it could have been a lot better. But the graphics isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen no, they truly tries to be iconic as possible to the anime series. And when it comes to the mech I could agree on that part.




Gundam Versus is a third person action game in 3D. You can either fight in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 modes. (I had the most fun in the 2v2 mode) You can play the game in offline mode with AI to assist you, but you will most likely get more joy of playing this game online. There is a few struggles connecting and / or finding other players as the network might be a little “hit and miss”.

The tutorial itself has its issues, you are put in a setting against an AI mech and told what to do. That’s okay, but you only have to defeat your opponent, as you wish. You do not have to what you’re told. Every single move and control setup might be overwhelming at first, especially for newcomers like myself. I had to redo some of the tutorials multiple times to figure out this 10-input control system. What I mean by that?, here’s an example; to guard an incoming attack I had to push the down button, and then up on the left stick (L3). Sounds complex? Well it is, but you might forget about that later on, as the on screen action is worth it.

The combat itself is where Gundam Versus shines at its best, flying, dodging bullets and rocket, using different types of covers, and then deliver a devastating blast with your sword to your opponent. That last part is incredibly satisfying, especially while playing online.

Each match depends on your’e strategy, and each mech has its own set of skills and attributes. And there is a lot of different mech’s to choose from, so you are bound to find a mech that suits your playstyle.

The offline modes or singleplayer as you can call it, is a bit underwhelming. There is two main modes; Ultimate Battle (survival mode) and Trial Battle (a series of different missions). Both works just fine, but it gets a little boring on the long term. Sadly there isn’t a story mode / campaign, so it is pretty clear that the main focus is online battles against other players.


Replay Value
There is a lot of content you can unlock in Gundam Versus, different Striker abilities, pilots and player emblems is just to mention some. You’re progressing each Gundam (mech) and earns “Gundam Points” (Upgrade points). But I’m afraid that the linear combat content might be a little boring in the long term.


Let’s start off with the bad things, the control setup is a little handful to learn. And the camera / lock on system is a little frustrating sometimes. But as you learn how to handle your mech, things starts to be much more fun, but it requires a little training from you.


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  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 7
  • Replay Value 8


There is no doubt that Gundam Versus is meant for the hardcore fans of the series. But they also deliver a decent robot action game for newcomers as well. There is still room for improvements on the singleplayer modes, but the multiplayer experience is incredible fun and “top-notch” when you manage connect to other players.

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  •  Customization
  • Iconic music
  • Action packed


  • Singleplayer needs extra attention
  • Controls scheme can be a little difficult
  • Tutorial


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