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Life Is Strange 2 – Educating Daniel

Life is Strange 2 on December third, to kick off the #JourneysEnd season finale celebration. When Sean and Daniel Diaz have to flee their home in suburban Seattle after the death of their father and the manifestation of incredible supernatural power, the brothers face a life-changing journey, full of danger, excitement, friends, foes and new experiences.

Young and impressionable, but incredibly powerful, Daniel is always watching Sean. Daniel grows and learns from his brother throughout every episode of Life is Strange 2 and can become a very different person depending on your actions. What Daniel learns, and how he grows, determines which of the multiple endings you will experience at the conclusion of their journey.

Through the first four episodes, there are over 50 moments where your decisions shape the mind of Daniel. You are an example to him in everything you say and do.
There is no right or wrong choice: there is only your choice.

Source: Square Enix External Studios Press Release

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