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Liquid State continues development

After a long hiatus, Liquid State – the beatemup game from Norwegian developers Vertebrae Entertainment – is finally back in development. With the team releasing a demo at the end of March 2020, we will certainly try to pull some strings and get a preview.

Following is the update given by the development team:

“Hey! Surprise! Thanks to Østnorsk Filmsenter we now have confirmed funding to develop a demo for Liquid State!

What does this mean, though? Well, starting January we’ll be officially starting up development on Liquid State again- three years after the game first went on hiatus! We’re setting aside three months for intensive work with the goal of putting together an updated demo, and we’re aiming to have said demo ready around the end of March. So get ready to see Ripley (and friends!) pop up again on our social medias. This has definitely been a long time coming. We’re hoping 2020 will be kind to us!”

Much love,

See what else Vertebrae Entertainment has been up to the last year below:

Disclaimer: Eira attended the same class as the development team, and considers herself as a friend of the team. This has not affected the news article in any way.

Source: Vertebrae Entertainment

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