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New HITMAN 2 Haven Island

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have released the Lates HITMAN 2 location transporting players to the luxurious Haven Island (Maldives), a brand-new sandbox environment that is available now for all Expansion Pass owners.

2510225d8b3d189d1f65.83089216-HITMAN 2 Haven Island Screenshot.png

Here is a trailer of the game:

The mission briefing video presents key information on the new location in order to strategize against three different targets – Ljudmila Vetrova, a former confidence artist and the public face of Haven Island; Tyson Williams, the founder and CEO of the island; and Steven Bradley, a technical wizard and the brains behind Haven Island’s proprietary software platform. While undercover, Agent 47 must travel to the Haven Island resort and assume the role of a guest in an effort to locate and eliminate all three targets.

How it goes is up to you, can you handle the heat? Will it be in stealth or full assault? It´s all up to you to save Maldives!

Good Luck A

Source: Mi5 Communications Press Release


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