New Legend, New Weapons and of course a new season!

Respawn Entertainment didn’t just bring us news about the upcoming Star Wars game, they also brought news about what’s next in Apex Legends.

Season 2 of Apex Legend’s battle pass is just around the corner, arriving 2nd of July this year. A new mode, a new weapon, and a new legend were revealed during EA Play at E3.

A new legend appears!

Wattson is the newest member of the Apex Legends family, her abilities are more defensive, but sure can be used as much as aggressive tactics as well. Wattson can deploy up to 12 nodes which creates an electric fence which grants you and your teammates more cover (and no, the fence doesn’t hurt your teammates.) And her ultimate is that she can deploy an Interception Pylon which destroys incoming grenades and fills up you and your nearby teammate’s shields. This means Lifeline isn’t the only “healing/support” class anymore!

Respawn gave us a lot of promises during EA Play today, such as the infamous Mozambique pistol will be more valuable, map events, and in one of the trailers you will notice a HUGE dinosaur, Respawn replied only with that;


“Huge things might happen in King’s Canyon during Season 2”

Ranked mode arrives with season 2 as well. There will be up to six different tiers to compete in for a bigger challenge and higher rewards. And the last thing they announced was a new weapon, known from Titanfall, the L-Star. L-Star uses elemental ammo, which can only be found in care packages, same goes with the weapon itself. This weapon is a fully automatic machine gun, with 60 rounds in the magazine, so it’s easy to say that this is a beast!

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