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Night Call – Preview

Name: Night Call
Developer: Monkey Moon, Black Muffin
Publisher: Raw Fury
Platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Initial Release Date: Summer 2019
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided from a publisher for review purpose


A serial killer stalks the streets of modern-day Paris. The body count rises, and the police are no closer to catching the culprit. You are a taxi driver and the last person to see the most recent victim alive. These next few shifts will be far from ordinary or safe…

Night Call is an investigative ‘noire’ game with two goals: solve a murder mystery and make enough money to pay your bills. Your shift starts at night and ends at daybreak, as you try to earn enough to pay for your cab, your apartment, and just make a living. But when the police investigation gets nowhere, the officer in charge forces you to help by doing what you do best: getting passengers to talk in the little time that you have their attention.

The two roles you must play (investigator and cabbie) each has a set of priorities that may at times conflict with each other. You need to get enough information from the right passengers – but you only have them for so much time. Pick up the right passengers and ask the right questions to obtain new clues. Follow the right leads and uncover new info about the suspects… And never forget that your life is in balance.

Can you solve the mystery before it’s too late? Better hurry both the clock and the meter are running…


  • GORGEOUS GAME NOIRE STYLE: Every character and location are lovingly hand-drawn in stunning black & white, evoking the pure tension of the ‘noire’ style of art.
  • A VIVID AND ORIGINAL CAST: Meet dozens of original, surprising, realistic characters and share their lives for a few brief moments. Listen and help they might have something useful for you.
  • INVESTIGATION VS. SURVIVAL: Will you forsake information for more money, or sacrifice your income to get the info you need? Make your choices quickly time is running out!
  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS, MULTIPLE KILLERS: Can you uncover the identity of the killer each time? Be careful: a guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next.
  • NON-LINEAR NARRATIVE GAME: Encounters are random. Every run is different.


So the preview started with waking up in a coma in a hospital, You were attacked and left for dead by a serial killer. Months passed, and you are back to work as a cab driver when suddenly a familiar face enters your taxi. It is one of the voices you heard while hospitalized, it is one of the leading detectives on the case and she wants to find the killer. See got stuff on you, that she threatens to use against you if you don’t cooperate. She thinks as a cab driver you have the chance to meet and talk with people that never would be near a cop.


The Good

It’s the premise that gets you started, and it is intriguing. Then it’s up to you what you will use your time on. You have a map that shows people that need a ride, gas station to fill up your tank and your home to get some well-deserved sleep after a long night. Everyone you meet during rides you can choose how you will approach them. Be the silent guy that listens to them, no bullshit just get the address and drive. Or you can start a conversation to ease the tension and get to know them a bit. There will be different kinds of people, that will respond and react in different ways. Some of them got really interesting when you did get them to talk. Some choices in dialogue will give you the best outcome and you will meet people with interesting life choices and situations. You have the usual map, where you chose what you want to use your time on, from what I understood you have each night a set time to do the stuff you need to do. What you want to prioritize, is up to you. How each person you meet will affect the story I have no idea, because of how short the preview was.

So let’s talk about the bad


The Bad

It was too short…. The preview that is. When it started to be interesting it ended just as abruptly. But, it was a preview so if they want to make hype before it releases they succeeded. It also makes it impossible to find anything wrong with it, so good job.

Only thing I can point a finger on, is that when choosing to auto-play the dialogue went a bit too fast so I had to be stuck with manual reading.  

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.



It was not easy to find much to criticize Night Call for, maybe it won’t be much when it releases either we just have to wait and see. But from what I did get to play it looks promising, with a story that can end up to be very interesting. The dialog might be testing you and your view on life, and you can be as socially awkward as you would like, or polite of course. The beginning was a bit confusing at first, trying to get the grips of the story. But after a while, I would really like to play more.

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  • Interesting Story
  • Great art style
  • Good dialogue


  • Short preview
  • A bit too fast auto-play

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