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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds First Impressions Xbox One


PUBG has been one of the biggest  hits on the PC this year, with over 20 million copies sold. And finally for those that don’t have a high end PC have gotten the chance to try it out on Xbox One. But how has it transitioned over to console?

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So have you ever felt like an outsider since your toaster of a PC can’t run PUBG, missed out on countless gaming nights. Now you can finally join in on this insane thing called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you have a Xbox One at least since Microsoft made a deal with Bluehole to be a part of their “Xbox Preview Program”. So it’s still in early access even on Xbox, and will be in development until they are ready for a full release. PC will be released 20th December, Xbox version will not be updated simultaneously with the PC version at least for now, so at the moment new maps aren’t to be seen yet. But vaulting is already added which is nice.


But how does it play compared to its PC counterpart.

First thing I gotta mentioned is the controls, I know it is difficult to put all commands you have on a keyboard over to an controller. But navigating with a controller can be so time consuming, and in PUBG time is something you don’t have much off. Like changing weapons and navigating in inventory, can be a real hassle. Accessories trying to change them or remove them can really start trouble for you, suddenly you have tossed all your weapons on the floor just because you wanted to take of a scope to put it on another gun. I played PUBG on PC with a Xbox controller (I know SHAAMMEEE!!) and I found it much easier using it there then on console. So controls is not perfect at the moment , but it might be tweaked later.


Then there is the performance issues that unfortunately is there, and made the game unplayable at times.The game is running at 30fps but at the moment it is not stable, textures is missing and walking on things that aren’t there. That is just some of the problems that occurs, but it will not happen all the time, sometimes it will run perfectly. It always “lags” a bit when loading new areas and parachuting, but when landed it usually stabilize. I haven’t had a chance to test it on Xbox One X but it’s said to be running a bit more smoother and not have problems occur as frequently. As of yesterday a patch was released and fixed some of the issues so it is easier to play. And it is a game in progress so all issues might be fixed someday.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


This version of PUBG may not be at its best, but a good version for those that can’t play it on PC. if you don’t let minor issues ruin it for you and clunky controls (that after time, you get used to) it’s a great way to play the biggest multiplayer game of this year. Or you could wait until all bugs are fixed and the game is optimized.

PUBG has been a big hit with some us from Ulvespill here you got our newest highlight videos from some of our play sessions

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