Prepare for a snipe off against, your computer!

CI Games hosted the world-exclusive debut of in-engine gameplay for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts on stage as part of the IGN’s E3 live show.

there they showed off a bunch of new features and further innovation on the series trademark, Sniping.

As the latest game in the acclaimed tactical shooter series, it drops players into the middle of  the Siberian wilderness. Forcing them to contend with their toughest challenges yet. Players will never truly be alone as they take on contracts, as they encounter rival contract killers. While players will need to carefully plan out and exectue the perfect kill and extraction from a given encounter, they must also work with  the tension of an AI taking on the same contract. Wether this means taking out your competition, or just be quick enough to beat them to the mark, is something players will have to consider on the go. From it’s single-player campaign and range of multiplayer options, to its return-to-form, intense mission-based contracts system, this game seeks to perfect the feeling of staring down a scope and actually plan your approach.

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