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QPad QH25 – Review

Buying new hardware can easily break the bank, especially if you are a PC gamer. There is a huge variation, so what to choose and spend your money on can be a tough choice. The sound might be one of the most important things when playing games for some, but can you find a good headset for a reasonable price? Let’s find out.

Name: QPad QH25
Developer: QPad
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC, PlayStation 4
Price: $39.99
Acquired: A copy of this hardware was provided by a publisher for review purpose

QPad QH25 is QPad’s newest reasonably priced headset, that aims to deliver clear and deep sound but also be comfortable and easy to use. We can start by looking at the technical terms that luckily the developers have written, and might be really interesting for the tech-savvy.

Transducer Type Mylar,Speaker 40mm
Frequency Response 20 – 20,000 Hz
SPL Sound Pressure Level 108±3dB
Sound Coupling to the ear Circumaural
Weight: 294G
Cable Length: 1.5M
Connection: 3.5mm jack + USB2.0


The Good

QPad QH25 is a light and easy to use headset that delivers on many of its key points. How to use literally plug and play. Either with the 3.5mm jack or through the 7.1 surround dongle that uses USB. The mic and volume are controlled by the headset, easy to use and perfect for consoles and removes the need for extra dongles attached to your controller. The sound is crisp and comfortable and feels really smooth to my ears, and worked great with games. The 7.1 dongle makes it possible to further immerse the gameplay with directional sound that especially is great in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and PUBG. But there is something that needs to be said.


The Bad

Let’s continue on the sound, while it is crisp and clear, the bass was a bit less noticeable. It lacks that punch a proper bass can give you, and also made music okay-ish to listen to unless it’s music that doesn’t depend on bass. Then there are some design choices that made me scratch my head, that didn’t always make sense. First off, it has RGB that I always like for my setup matching my PC and desk that spews a rainbow of RGB. But, to use the RGB you have to depend on a USB port. So here is one scenario where your desk is set like this: Screen, peripherals, and the computer is on your desk right beside the screen. You have a free 3.5 jack and a USB port no problems at all, it is easy to connect and you have your precious RGB lighting up your head.
But, for us that have full tower cases that need to stand behind the screen or are on a shelf, problems quickly arise. While a 1.5m long cable shouldn’t be a problem, it quickly became a game of sacrifice. My solution was this I used a USB extension cable that I connected the 7.1 sound card and plugged the headset from there. It works no problem, but then I don’t have any light. Is it enough to ruin my experience of the headset, not really since I usually don’t look at my headset while wearing it. But it felt weird at least how it was designed. If using a laptop it works great obviously. If you want to play on console, again no problem but I don’t think I ever had seen a controller with 3.5mm jack and USB.
But how it is to actually to wear? For my use, it was a bit too tight and small, and it pressed on my ears and made it painful after long use. Being made of mostly plastic makes it really stiff, and it doesn’t flex much. But the headband is soft, which made up for much of the comfort.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


QH25 is a mixed product, that would not be a fit for everyone. It depends on your setup and to what uses you need it for, but also feels like it restrains on the size of the user. While easy to use and give a really good and clear sound. It works well as a reasonably priced headset for your gaming use or everyday use. But it’s lacking if used for deep immersion.

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  • Reasonable priced
  • Good sound
  • Easy to use


  • Small and tight
  • Limited uses because of cable length

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