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Riot Games’ “Project A” finally has a name!

At the end of last year, it was known that Riot Games was working on a new competitive first-person shooter title known as “Project A”. A 5v5 character-based FPS that would compete against other competitive FPS games such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch.


VALORANT puts two teams of five players against each other in a “best-of-24-rounds gunfight”. It will be a free-to-play title, so it will be interesting to see how Riot Games are going to add microtransactions, season pass/battle pass in the future.

As for the gameplay, it is fast, it requires precision skills, and of course, great team tactics. Riot Games promises a dedicated 128-tick server for all global players, a custom-built net code in pursuit of precise hit registration, server authoritative game architecture and proper anti-cheat prevention and detection from DAY ONE!

Gameplay preview 

“Throughout VALORANT’s development, we wanted to uphold the fundamental values of a competitive tactical shooter: precise shooting, lethal gunplay, and strategic execution. By adding unique character abilities that complement the game’s gunplay we believe we’re expanding upon the traditional tac shooter experience and bringing something new to the genre – and we hope the launch of VALORANT will be the start of a long-term relationship with tactical FPS fans from around the world.” – Executive Producer Riot Games, Anna Donlon

If you want more intel about Valorant, visit playvalorant.com

Source: Riot Games / PR Nordic

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