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The Sims 4: Island Living

Name: The Sims 4: Island Living
Developer: Maxis, The Sims Studio
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, OS X
Reviewed on: PC
Release Date: 21.06.2019 (PC and Mac), 16.07.2019 (console)
Acquired: DLC copy provided from publisher for review purpose

The Sims’ franchise has now been going strong for 20 years and it does not show any signs of slowing down, now launching their new addition Island Living. At EA play,  EA producer Michael Duke declared that this could be “the best year yet” for the franchise. if his prophecy is correct we will have to wait and see but Island living is a wonderful addition to The Sims 4.  

For those who crave the beach and tropical lifestyle for their sims, this is a fun experience where we are introduced to a whole new world called Sulani. Explore this new paradise from the heart of the island to its azure blue oceans. For the first time, you can now go on adventures with new water-based game features as paddling in a canoe, snorkeling, deep diving, jet skiing or swimming. 

The Good

The game gives you a whole experience where you can emerge yourself as a child of the island. You can go fully green and live off the island taking care of its many inhabitants as you can take a job in nature conservation, picking up trash from the beach. Maybe you want the full party island where you can participate in large bonfires at night? Or you can lay down on the tropical beaches sunbathing and chilling to the max. 

Make your own beach villa with all of the new building content, have it face to the ocean with its own patio letting you just jump into the waters, fill the waters with funny floating food or action based play tools so you can speed over to next island. Make big sand sculptures with your fellow Sims, and partake in the island culture of sharing and interaction with people. And of course, you have to look the part as you can dress your sims up in the finest of bathing suits, the new style of this expansion pack is of the free and breezy just like island itself. 

Tradition is the key word in this game and its interpreted in the many actions you do to become the ultimate island sim. The game is immersive and gives you a lot of choices in how you would like to tell your story. Make your sim a mermaid, for example, these mystical beings that can live on land as normal sims but as soon they get in touch with water turns into a half fish half human, is deeply committed in the island folklore. 

Make your own mermaid or merman choose the colors of its tail and design it with a lot of new makeup and new features in the shaping of its body and face. Here you can spend hours swimming around jumping splashing or you can make it your own secret. blow in the conch shell to call your own kind to you, spellbind others with your siren’s voice or call down new weather to make your day just the way you want it to be. You can also call your own azure dolphin which you can interact with, and the more you do it the higher the friendship level you get with it the more perks you unlock with it. 

The Bad 

I personally feel there is little that I miss in this game. The game is fun and new and I can play for hours making my sims just the way I want them. But if I have to get picky some of the water features like the canoe can be a bit glitchy and rough when sailing. It can also clip a bit if you swim like a mermaid where there are lots of other sims or objects. 

But besides this, the game has a finished look and is much more refined than its predecessor in The Sims 3

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  • DLC 9


All in the game is a fun addition to the game as I have mentioned before there is nothing that is missing in the content. The clipping and glitching I can overlook as the game is stunning in the animations. Overall, if you are a Sims fan I personally advise you to get it, as it allows for a lot of fun activities and gives the game new features that make it feel more immersive. 

User Review
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  • New activities and content
  • Stunning environment
  • A new playable race
  • Two new jobs for your sims


  • Some glitching and clipping

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